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Terms of Use

Last updated June 23 2017.

This agreements exists between "you", the user, and DIYEnergySaving.com, known hereafter as the "site". "Materials" refers to any content that may be obtained from this site, including downloads, collateral, information, or products.

This site is intended for informational purposes only. Any claims or representations of savings made on this site are presented as an example of potential savings and may not represent your actual savings, if you choose to participate, purchase, or follow information obtained from this site or the product(s) in which it distributes or sells.

This site disclaims any liability for any actions resulting from using this site or any of the materials obtained from it. You may use this site and materials at your own risk, and are solely responsible for damage to your device(s) accessing this site and materials, and/or property/person by following the information in the materials or site.

This site may collect both personally identifying information and non personally identifying information which is used to conduct further market research and demographic studies. This site may use cookies or similar technology, as well as recording your IP address for these purposes. This information will not be sold or disclosed to any third party without your consent. You may opt out of this information collecting by setting your browser settings appropriately. Your information will not be recorded, stored, or obtained where prohibited by law or local ordinance.

Your purchase, if you choose to complete, will be processed securely by a third party payment processor, Paypal. By committing to purchase, you agree to the payment processor's terms of service and privacy policy.

This site is governed by the laws of the United States of America, in which this site resides. The software, materials and site are subject to US and International laws, restrictions, regulations, and the like which may govern the export, import, dissemenation, and use of the materials and information provided. You agree to comply with all applicable and governing laws.

This site may be forced to comply with subpeona or search warrant request issued by a valid authority such as a court to disclose personal and private information. We may also access such information as the "site" in complying with customer service requests or when deemed necessary to protect intellectual property and personal safety.

Refund Policy

Refunds are accepted within 30 days of purchase for any reason. After 30 days, the refund may be denied or processed at the discretion of the site, in addition to the payment processor's guidelines.

Refunds will be given in the currency in which the payment is sent. Refunds will be processed through the same payment processor that processed the original payment.

No checks, money orders, wire funds, or cash will be remitted as a refund payment.

Copyright notice

Unless otherwise noted, all material on this site is copyright DIYEnergySaving.com, and all rights are reserved. Use of material on the site or any materials downloaded or obtained from this site may not be used without permission unless express written consent is provided. Demonstration of materials on this site or downloaded from this site may not be in the public realm unless express written consent is provided.


This site may amend this policy at discretion. As you are not strictly required to opt in to any list, electronic or otherwise, amendments may be made to this policy without notifying you. It is your responsibility to check for updates to this policy prior to using the site.


You may terminate this agreement by ceasing to use this site and any materials obtained from the site.

The site may terminate this agreement if you breach any terms of this agreement, if we elect to discontinue this site and materials presented herein, or if required to do so by law.

The materials and site presented to you are available where allowed by law. Therefore if your local, municipal, state/provincial or federal law prohibits material or information presented by this site or prohibits a transactions that is offered by this site, the materials and site are not avaialabl for your use.


This site respects the intellectual property of others as well as our own. Therefore this site complies with the laws and regulations of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. If you feel your rights as an intellectual property holder have been infringed, please contact the site.


Your use of the site and materials contained herein constitutes acceptance of the policy. If you do not agree to the policies outlined, you must immediately discontinue use of the site and materials.